“I learned so much. It was amazing! Learning about the meds available, all of resourcing available, the different diseases under the dementia umbrella, the differences between palliative care and hospice and many other things.”

Anonymous - Dementia Has A Face and A Name (CE)

“I learned more than I thought I would about dementia. I will use this in my healthcare administrator degree. I work with residents [that] have dementia and I now am able to use this information to take care of them better.”

Anonymous - Dementia Has A Face and A Name (CE)

“I recently took this course and was very surprised at how easy and user friendly it was. You are required to read the modules attentively then answer 4 questions and achieve the highest score of 80% in order to move to the next module.

This course is extremely cleverly designed in that, if you do not achieve 80% the first time, you have the opportunity to go back and re-read the module or look again at the answers offered to you. Personally I would re-read the modules as this is not a guessing game and, the appropriate knowledge is absolutely essential and can be a powerful skill when dealing with a person suffering from Alzheimer’s One is educated every step of the way. In cases where the answers offered to you may seem very appropriate but may not just be the required answer, it’s designed to allow your knowledge to be re-enforced again and again. I feel it’s most unlikely that you will ever forget the scenario in the future. I am so grateful for this course and all I have learnt from it, it sure is interesting, educating and mind-blowing at the same time! Alzheimer’s disease is a degrading, debilitating and pitiful condition that strips all types of people of their dignity and everyday life, it’s not always just seniors either and, in today’s climate, it’s vastly growing sadly! I feel, to be armed with such a powerful insight and knowledge into this condition and how it is manifested in the brain is grossly invaluable. There is no doubt that having done this course, it opens up your mind and qualifies you to be highly equipped and educated and furthermore very employable.

I would highly recommend this course and feel it is money very well spent. Anyone of us at any time is a target!”

Bernadette D.. - Dementia Has A Face and A Name (CE)

“I believe this course will change the level of knowledge for everyone for years to come on the topic of dementia. I was tremendously impressed with the course not only did it meet my expectations but it totally exceeded them. I highly recommend everyone to take this training course and believe you will be very happy that you did.

I took this training course because dementia is in my family And I wanted to increase my knowledge of the disease, upon completion of the course I was extremely satisfied because it not only increased my knowledge of dementia it opened my eyes up to a whole new world.

The course consists of nine chapters each one showcases a detailed in depth look at identifying the issues . I thought it was very very good and easy to read and follow. It encompasses the knowledge of dementia with step by step explanations and easy to understand diagrams and pictures that can every person can relate to. It is very important that the family and the caregiver work together to develop a complete plan and Course of action .

This course also prepares you to confidently talk with doctors and family members when developing proper strategies for the person suffering with this disease .The topics were well defined . A well documented journey for caregivers to identify, understand, and react to specific problems they will encounter. I found this to be clearly defined so caregivers could develop solutions, and problem solve with clients. The “What to do and how to do it “ was extremely well thought out, so too were the ways in which to react correctly! I do believe that once you take this course and you understand the level of care that is required, the skill set needed in order to provide this care to a person with dementia that caregivers will need to be paid more than they currently receive otherwise this type of care will ultimately fail.”

Bernadette D.. - Dementia Has A Face and A Name (CE)
“The course Dementia Has a Face and a Name is an excellent resource for learning how to understand dementia so that you can create a safe and understanding environment for loved ones suffering from this debilitating disease. As a person who has a close family member with dementia, this course helped me learn strategies to help manage safety, wandering, and communication patterns. I highly recommend this course not only for care-givers, but also family members who would like to help make their loved one’s life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!”
Bernadette D.. - Dementia Has A Face and A Name (CE)

“The course content is encyclopedic, concise and readily understandable. Insightful and valuable for anyone needing to understand more about dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.”

John B. - Dementia Has A Face and A Name (CE)
“This course was very helpful in increasing my knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It helped prepare me for what to expect and how to properly care for a loved one with dementia. I would recommend this course to anyone in the caregiving field or with aging loved ones–you will learn something new and be more empathetic and skilled in navigating this challenging condition.”
Anonymous - Dementia Has A Face and A Name (CE)

Comments From ACHC Caregivers

How will you implement training into your new job role?

  • “Learning how to take care of the client needs”
  • “I will document all things done on job”
  • “Taking everything I learned, and doing my best at work”
  • “I will use this training as a guideline”
  • “Being a great caregiver”
  • “Follow the guidelines of the company”
  • “Being attentive to clients at all times”

Did this training exceed your expectations?

  • “Yes, I learned alot about the job and clients needs”
  • “Yes, everything was very clear”
  • “I enjoyed it, it was very educational”
  • “I will incorporate everything I learned when working with my clients”
  • “Yes, the training was not lengthy, but covered important information”
  • “In this training, I was taught more than I knew”

In your opinion, how can we improve our training class?

  • “No, I think it’s great”
  • “I wouldn’t change a thing”
  • “The class was great, no changes are needed”
  • “It’s great how it is”
  • “No improvement needed, felt like everything was described enough”

What did you learn from the course?

  • “How to lift a client properly, the Do’s and the Don’ts”
  • “I learned how to use a lift”
  • “Learned to use a hoyer lift”
  • “Communication and confidentiality”
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